Okay, I give up.  Until today, I didn’t think there was any question I
couldn’t answer with Google (and for the problem at hand, with the Eclipse help
or the various forums), but all my attempts have completely failed so far, so
I’m hoping asking the question on my blog will work.

In Eclipse, Ctrl-. (control-dot) will take you to the "Next
Problem".  The problem I have with this behavior is that it also stops at
warnings, and most of the time, this is not what I want (I actually filter the
Problems view not to display warnings, so it would make sense for Eclipse to
recognize I have no desire to navigate to these warnings either).

Does anyone know a way to change the "Next Problem" to jump to problems only? 
Or better:  to jump to whatever next item is listed in my Problems window,
which is probably the most flexible way of providing this functionality…

If I get an answer in the comments, my next blog entry will give a few
Eclipse tips.

And if I don’t get any answer…  well, I’ll post the tips anyway but I
will be very disappointed in you all.

Update:  Eugene gave me
, shortly followed by Rane Prashant and then Robert.  Thanks a
lot, guys, you rock!  And I learned something in the process!  Eugene,
my next Eclipse tips are dedicated for you (even though you probably already
know them).