GotoFile is an Eclipse
plug-in that lets you find a file in your workspace based on fuzzy naming. 
This is different from Ctrl-Shift-R ("Find resource", which is useful when you
are trying to find a file that is not a Java source).  The key here is that
the file search only needs to have the letters you type appear in the same order
you type them.

For example, TestNG contains dozens of files starting with Test: 
TestException, TestClass, TestMethod, Test1, etc…  Even the super-fast
Ctrl-E shortcut sometimes requires a few extra keys to reach the correct buffer. 
With this plug-in, I can just type "tc" and TestClass is automatically selected.

Interestingly, emacs used to have a similar package to locate Emacs-Lisp
files, so it’s good to see that good ideas never really die.

At any rate, congratulations to Max Muermann for his idea!