July 22, 2005

Announcing the TestNG IntelliJ plug-in

The first version of the TestNG IntelliJ plug-in is now ready for testing. 

This is a joint work by Mark and Hani, who've been pulling all the stops these past days to get the plug-in ready.  There is more work going into the plug-in as we speak, but it's ready for a first round of testing, so try it and post your feedback on the TestNG user mailing-list or here.

Thanks a lot to Mark and Hani, and also to Alexandru whose original Eclipse plug-in code was instrumental to getting this plug-in finished (and which also paves the way for future plug-ins).

Great job guys!


Posted by cedric at July 22, 2005 06:51 AM

didnt know that Hani, famous as he is, is still developing ;-) But what could be better than a plugin for our loved IDE. Will it still work with IDEA 5?

Posted by: Marc Logemann at July 22, 2005 07:33 AM

That's really great news!!
(and I thought I'd have a quiet week-end... :-) )

Posted by: Frederic Donckels at July 22, 2005 07:52 AM
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