I just released EJBGen 2.15.  The
main addition is the use of templates (which will be improved further in the
next version).  Here is the change log since 2.14:

- Fixed: pk and value classes were always regenerated
- Fixed: disable-warning moved to @ejbgen:jar-settings
- Added: documentation for templates
- Added: templates, and -templateDir option
- Fixed: variables not defined in ejbgen.properties are preserved
- Added: package specification in @ejbgen:file-generation
- Fixed: generate-on was not working properly
- Fixed: value objects now test against null in hashCode() and equals()
- Fixed: -localHome.baseClass was not working correctly
- Fixed: -jndiPrefix/-jndiSuffix was not honored in resource-description
- Added: -xmlEncoding
- Added: -noImports
- Added: {create|remove|passivate}-as-principal-name attributes
- Fixed: documentation for options
- Fixed: StackOverFlowError in debugLog()