Ultimate Craft Queue

A glyph maker's ultimate weapon in the quest to hit the gold cap

Cédric Beust

Ultimate Craft Queue (UCQ) is a World of Warcraft add-on meant to help glyph makers maintain their inventory. In a nutshell, this add-on lets you say that you want your inventory to contain n glyphs of each type, and it will then calculate how many glyphs you need to craft to reach that result. But as you will see below, you can actually fine tune the process quite a bit.


This add-on is based on Kev's Tool Queue, which provides similar functionalities but with less options. As such, UCQ has the same requirements:


Download the add-on and unzip it in your AddOns directory.

Launching UCQ

and then open your trade skill window.

Using UCQ

Here is the description of all the elements on the user interface.

This is the main parameter of your crafting: it's the number of glyph that you want to have when the crafting is done. UCQ takes your alts into account, so you don't need to have these glyphs on the current character.

For example, if you set a stack size of 5, that you have two glyphs of X on you and your alt has one, UCQ will add 2 to the queue in order to reach the desired size of 5.

The minimum value that a glyph must have to be queued. UCQ will skip all the glyphs under this value.

Note: this option requires Auctioneer. It will be ignored if Auctioneer is not installed. Also, the price is retrieved from Auctioneer, so be sure your Auctioneer data is accurate

If a glyph has completely sold out (e.g. you require a stack size of 4 and UCQ determines it needs to queue 4 glyphs) then you can use the value in the bonus queue to create additional glyphs. The idea is that if that glyph sold out, it's probably because it's in high demand, so you might as well craft a few more.

Checking this box will instruct UCQ not to queue single items. When you only sold one glyph of a certain type, your herbs might be better spent on the bonus queue instead of replacing that underperforming glyph.

This panel lets you override the stack size specified above on a per-class basis. For example, you might have determined that on your server, Warrior glyphs always sell very well while Priests tend not to. In such a situation, you might want to set the Warrior stack size to 6 and Priest's to 3. Of course, the adjustments described above will still be applied (so if a Priest glyph sold out and you specified a bonus queue of 1, UCQ will craft 4 of this glyph).

Once you're satisfied, make sure that your Advanced Trade Skill window is up and press the "Create Queue" button: you should see the trade skill window populated with the full queue:

Finally, you can also click on the "Log" tab, which will give you a full summary of what glyphs were queued, which ones were not and why, along with a final tally:

The code

You can find the code on github: http://github.com/cbeust/ultimate-craft-queue .

Feel free to email me or leave a comment on my blog if you have questions, comments, bug reports or suggestions.

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