Cédric Beust
Dual citizenship (US, France)

Java developer at Google, PhD, published author

Keywords: Tech lead, Android, Java server, web back-end/front-end


I was an early member of the Android team at Google and and I'm the tech lead for the Gmail client.

I have more than twenty years of experience in software engineering in the industry. My work at BEA has provided me with a great visibility in the Java Enterprise community where I am often regarded as an expert in the domain. I am frequently solicited for interviews and conferences where I am invited to expose my views on certain problems and to discuss the trends of the industry.

I am heavily involved in the Java community and over the years, I worked on various JSR's that helped shape the future of the the Java platfor, such as JSR 175 (annotations for Java), JSR 201 (extensions to the Java language) and JSR 220 (EJB 3.0).

I maintain a blog where I post on a regular basis about a variety of technical subjects.

In 2004, I created TestNG, an open source Java testing framework that has seen a lot of adoption, especially in the web testing area. The mailing-list gathers more than 2000 members and I'm still actively working on this framework on my spare time to support the community.

Finally, I published two books, the latest one being "Next Generation Java Testing", which covers testing techniques for Java development.

Professional experience

Technical profile


I co-authored two books: Hobbies: golf (I used to play at national level), squash, snowboard, tennis, volleyball, scuba diving.

Languages : bilingual French/American, Italian (average), Spanish (average), notions of German, Russian and Japanese.