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Kobalt is licensed under Apache 2.0

You can contribute code and report issues at the Kobalt Github Repo

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Configuring IDEA

Working on the Kobalt code base with Intellij IDEA is very easy.

Edit kobalt.version

First of all, edit the file src/main/resources/ and set it to a nonexistent version. For example, if the current version is 1.0.50, set it to 1.0.51.


When you launch Kobalt from IDEA with a nonexistent version, Kobalt will show a message saying that it couldn't locate that version and instead, it will use the classes generated by IDEA. This way, you will always be running the files that you just modified with IDEA. On start up, Kobalt will display a message looking like:

Couldn't find .../kobalt-1.0.51.jar, using ...

Note that at the moment, Kobalt expects to be located in $HOME/kotlin/kobalt.

Add the Kobalt dependency

Next, add Kobalt as a dependency to your build file:

    dependencies {

Launch configuration

Next, create a launch configuration in IDEA.

Kobalt's main class is com.beust.kobalt.MainKt. Here is a typical launch configuration:

A few observations: