Cedric, you're invited!
A Surprise Party for Cedric!

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from:   Melissa and The Sender of the Cards  
location:   Melissa's Place - 832 33rd Ave., San Francisco, CA View Map
phone:   415-221-4152
when:   Friday, January 25, 7:30pm

Is it actually Cedric's birthday? Does it really matter? Come join us in celebrating Cedric's birthday at his surprise party!

For those who might not know, Cedric has been receiving anonymous birthday cards for the past year from all over the U.S. and the world! This surprise party is the culmination of the joke where Cedric will finally learn the identity of the person behind the whole thing. It's also my chance to thank all of those people who helped me pull it off.

Melissa has graciously offered the use of her home for the big event and we will be providing lots o' munchies and drinks, though donations of either are definitely welcome. Cedric will be arriving at 8pm so please try to be on time!

For those of you who made the joke a success but are too far away to make it to the big event THANK YOU! Look for pictures of the party to be posted on the web.

No presents please, though you should feel free to add a birthday card to Cedric's growing collection.

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Because of the large number of invitees -- the responses have been condensed (Use the links to expand any section)
Yes 26
 Melissa and The Sender of the Cards: (The Organizer)
 misty_mesel: (+ 1 guest) Zach and I will be there!
 Kim Nguyen: (+ 1 guest) Can't wait to see his face when he finds out! Got to see him open the card that arrived on the day of his bday. Timing was perfect!
 Benedicte Pourchet: (+ 1 guest)
 leesj: (+ 1 guest) Mystery? Intrigue?? I'm so there!
 Lynn Shade: Wouldn't miss it!
 Nadia Patel 
 jklinke: (+ 1 guest) Cedric will be amazed to find out that Elvis is behind all this!
 mpopetz: (+ 1 guest) Delightful! How many times are we gonna sing?
 Diane Ozawa: (+ 1 guest) So how old will Cedric be? Based on the number of anonymous cards he receives, I estimate 52?
 randy Green: I will look for an obscure B-day card to bring.
 Byron Larsen: I can't believe we're finally there. Can't wait.
 Leigh Whittier: Yay! A party. Can't wait.
 terrier17: Finally!! The mystery will be solved! Perhaps a new one will begin...
 derek fong: Who's jumpin' out of the cake?
 melissa unzicker: um, perhaps this goes without saying, but I'll be there!!
 Barb Weiss: I wouldn't miss it for anything. I can't wait to know who is the sender
 Sebastien Sahuc: A msg to Elliot : Didn't you know Cedric was sending bday cards to himself, and that he is not even aware of it :-)
 Elliot Poger: WHO IS IT??? I'm just dying to know...

Maybe 4
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No 10
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Not Yet Replied 63
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